Our Team

Sarah B. Yeomans

Sarah joined our firm in October 2014.  She is an experienced immigration attorney with a passion for human rights, foreign languages and all things international.  She began her international human rights work in 2005 at United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees in San Jose, Costa Rica, resettling Colombian refugees to third countries. [more]

Amanda Spriggle

Senior Paralegal
Amanda joined our firm in 2009. She “stumbled” into immigration law when she joined a small firm in San Diego as a legal assistant over 14 years ago. Amanda soon realized that helping clients achieve their dreams of living and working in the United States brought her deep satisfaction and supported her own dream of serving others. [more]

Xiangnan Su

EB-5 Immigrant Visa Team Manager and Director of Client Relations
Born in Dalian, China, Ms. Su graduated top of her class from Liaoning University, China with a Bachelor of Science in Economics. She also earned a Bachelor of Arts in English Language and Literature from Dalian University of Foreign Languages with the award of "Excellent Graduate."  [more]