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Five Stars

Posted by Nina
October 23, 2015

Hard worker and very honest!!!!!
Before coming to Paul Haar, we thought our case was very difficult and my husband wasn't ever going to have a chance to get a green card due to multiple criminal convictions and a felony. Paul Haar assured us during our first visit, that he had a very high success rate in winning cases with a "hardship waiver" I'm very pleased to say that Paul Haar and Sarah Yeomans put so much effort into my husband case and followed up with us constantly. You don't find too many lawyers doing that. Paul Haar might be abrupt and harsh but his expertise, knowledge comes very highly and he will get the job done "as promise" I highly recommend him. Thank you Paul and Sarah for all that you've done!

Five Stars

Posted by Dina
September 22, 2015

One of a kind!! Highly recommended!
Me and my family are ever so grateful for Paul's help. He is an outstanding professional and a true friend! His dedication, kindness, professionalism, knowledge of the law and responsiveness are exemplary. ALWAYS, exceptionally welcoming, he and his team take really good care of their clients! There is no problem that Paul cannot solve - it has been a pleasure to know Paul and work with him.

Five Stars

Posted by Adam Limami
June 18, 2015

Door Opener to the land of opportunity
Upon meeting Paul, I met with a couple of attorneys to discuss my case which found no luck in anyone picking it up. All of them turned me away and told me there's no way they can help me with my case (they felt it was to much work for a little reward). However Paul took my case unbiasedly and although it took a year to settle my case whenever I had any questions or concerns they were always there to help and answer my calls. I really am thankful for Paul and his staff ,not being from this country and not understanding how the legal system works they always took time to explain any proceedings or misunderstanding I had when dealing with my case. Not only was he patient he also got me the judgment and results that I wanted. Thanks Paul you are a great lawyer!

Five Stars

Posted by Khalil
June 5, 2015

Great Immigration Lawyer and Determined Work Ethic
After years of seeing this man do what he does best, I have to say that Mr. Haar is without a doubt proven to be the best immigration attorney in achieving the goals of his clients successfully in all kinds of immigration cases. I personally recommend him to anyone that is need of an extensively knowledgeable and determined immigration attorney.

Five Stars

Posted by Scott
June 2, 2015

Scott: Husband and Father
Paul was, and continues to be, very responsive and honest with me: his primary client for my wife and stepson, who are both immigrants. Unlike other immigrations lawyers in this town, Paul calls back right away and keeps me informed. Paul is energetic and always has an optimistic outlook. The fact that “He Cares” is not just a cliché, or bi-line, he truly cares. I wouldn’t classify Paul as a miracle worker, but anyone one looking for miracle workers in the quagmire that is US Immigration Law is going to be disappointed. Finding someone who is knowledgeable, trustworthy, and RESPONSIVE, is like gold! Paul is all of the above. Regards, Scott: Father and Loving Husband.

Five Stars

Posted by Kendall
May 17, 2015

Consummate Professional
Paul has handled the visa application for the candidate we are sponsoring. His knowledge of immigration law is very impressive to me, a fellow attorney, as has been his relentless advocacy on behalf of our sponsored candidate. She has felt well-informed by Paul and his staff of the process to be undertaken, the likely timeline, and the standards that the government applies to this sort of application. I would highly recommend Paul.

Five Stars

May 15, 2015

A very responsible and dedicated lawyer in immigration
Mr. Paul Harr is my father lawyer for his immigration work and Renew of his Green card( permanent resident card). He is just great. I even call his cell phone when I have to talk to him. He is a knowlegable person and knows all the titles of immigration laws. I thank him for all the job he has done. I would recommend him if you need an immigration lawyer.

Five Stars

Posted by Carlos Reyes
March 15, 2016

Tough Master of Immigration Law
Did an excellent job on my Case getting me off deportation and blessing me my wife and my kids now we are for sure that we are going to be together for a very very long period of our lives plus recently I re-hired Paul to represent my uncle whose was apprehended by federal law enforcement (ICE) for an illegal re-entry but not just that he got the right help to reduce an 8 years Sentence to "364 days in PG County" for my uncle on what made him deport able now Paul won his case as well Paul has Proven been efficient on his job not once but twice. Thumbs up for you and your team Paul.

Very thankful with you and your team Paul.

Five Stars

Posted by Navid
January 31, 2016

The Best Lawyer
He is very kindness, responsiveness, and has a deep knowledge of the law and dedication. I've got my PR very quick and without any problem 🙂 Thanks Paul for all your help.

Five Stars

Posted by anonymous
November 20, 2015

Highly Recommended!!!
My brother was detained by USCIS to be deported and Mr. Haar and his team helped us tremendously. If it wasn’t Mr. Haar with his energetic spirit and straight forward attitude my brother would not even be here in the US. I love working with you and it’s wonderful to know that someone cares. I have to admit that I had moments that I lost fate about my brother’s case but your driven honest attitude helped us through this hardship. I love your spirit and the straight forward talk. Thank you Mr. Haar and Sarah and the team from the bottom of my heart!