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Five Stars

Posted by anonymous
February 4, 2017

Thanks a million
Paul Haar and his team are friendly, knowledgeable, prompt, and reassuring. I knew absolutely nothing about the green card process for my husband. Paul answered all of our questions, stayed patient with us, and gave us guidance right up to the very end. The day of the immigration interview, my husband and I were SO nervous. It literally took 5 minutes, and Paul had prepared us more than enough! I could not have asked for a smoother process! Thank you so much for taking care of what seemed like an impossible feat for our family. We could not have done it without you! - the Mendozas

Five Stars

Posted by Lawk
February 2, 2017

At times when difficulty struck my family, we had an urgent need of an experienced lawyer to assist my family with my mother's immigration status. Mr. Haar was recommended to us by family friends and he delivered on the promises he gave.

We are fortunate for his services and the sympathy and kindness he and his team has shown towards my family. We thought it would be near-impossible to work on my mother’s immigration status due to her illness, but Mr. Haar and his team could make miracles happen when other simply cannot.

We are at most grateful for his service and we highly recommend you speak to his office to consult before hiring another lawyer. He can make the near-impossible possible.

Five Stars

Posted by anonymous
January 4, 2017

Best lawyer in DC area
Paul Haar is the most reliable & serious lawyer in this area for sure. He offer the best advised and expertise. Thank you so much for your professional advise.

Five Stars

Posted by Ali
June 25, 2016

What a Brilliant Attorney!
I was very lucky man to have a friend who hired Mr.Paul S Haar before I did. My friend not only recommended him to me but also urged me to use his services. Now, here I am, urging my family and friends, and all readers of this review to consult and hire this brilliant attorney. I will keep it short! I was very satisfied with Mr.Paul and his team:

Dedication: 10/10
Compassion: 10/10
Knowledge of the law: 10/10
Efficiency: 10/10

He never gives up, he will get you what you want!!!

Thank you Mr.Paul!

Five Stars

Posted by Claudio Sandri
June 19, 2016

O1 permit and Green Card
We cannot be grateful enough for all the work Mr. Paul Haar and his Firm did for us in this long process, we start 7 years ago giving our life in the USA in His hand and thanks to the decision we make to hire Mr. Paul Haar for all our immigration needs, we didn't stay illegal in this Country not even for 1 second and now finally we have ours green card. He always treat us with respect and professionalism, always up to the point, on time with all paperworks and always available to answer questions, and you know , in immigration matter we always have a lot of questions and concerns.
We proudly recommend Mr. Paul Haar if you have any immigration issue who need to be resolved.
Best Regards

Five Stars

Posted by Abbar Abdelmalek
May 13, 2016

Top Pitched Attorney / Exceptional Service
I retained Paul Haar's Law firm for my Optional Practical Training (OPT) work authorization denial on December 2nd,2015. Paul is the outstanding lawyer who makes no effort to make things happen. He field a motion to reopen/ reconsider and reassured me that his knowledge of immigration law will exceed all my expectations! He was very confident and determined ! Effectively, my OPT was granted and work authorization card sent to my address.

In addition, under difficult circumstances and short time, Mr Paul advised me, encouraged me, helped me and field H1B visa petition on my behalf with a startup company willing to sponsor me! Few days later, I come to know that my H-1B petition field by Mr Paul was beautifully selected for processing.... I promise, this lawyer will not stop surprising you frequently.
I highly recommend Paul Haar law firm for all F1 visas, OPT, H1B and immigration law. Especially immigrants with complicated cases. Paul Haar Firm can make magic happen, he will not only exceed your expectations but also make impossible possible for you!

During my hard time, Mr Haar was the father, brother and the best friend I've not met in the USA. His crew were my family, they felt for me, they helped me and changed my life.

Excellent response time ( daytime, nighttime, weekends), extremely knowledgeable and someone who will fight for you !
Thank you Paul, Sarah and Amanda! you are amazing!

Five Stars

Posted by Carlos Reyes
March 15, 2016

Tough Master of Immigration Law
Did an excellent job on my Case getting me off deportation and blessing me my wife and my kids now we are for sure that we are going to be together for a very very long period of our lives plus recently I re-hired Paul to represent my uncle whose was apprehended by federal law enforcement (ICE) for an illegal re-entry but not just that he got the right help to reduce an 8 years Sentence to "364 days in PG County" for my uncle on what made him deport able now Paul won his case as well Paul has Proven been efficient on his job not once but twice. Thumbs up for you and your team Paul.

Very thankful with you and your team Paul.

Five Stars

Posted by Navid
January 31, 2016

The Best Lawyer
He is very kindness, responsiveness, and has a deep knowledge of the law and dedication. I've got my PR very quick and without any problem 🙂 Thanks Paul for all your help.