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Paul S. Haar is proud to be rated a 9.4 on the Avvo platform.

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Five Stars

Posted by Graham Cooke
October 17, 2018

If I could add more stars I would!
Paul is without a doubt the best immigration lawyer in the DC area and possibly the country in my opinion. Paul recently helped my wife and I obtain our green cards through a long and complicated process. Both Paul and his excellent team were there for us every step along the way with expert advise and encouragement. I have no doubt that I wouldn’t have a green card today without Paul’s counsel. At times during the process I felt like giving up and moving home to Ireland but Paul was always available to listen to my fears and push me on. If you’re looking for an immigration attorney do yourself a favor and book an appointment with him. I visited a number of other attorneys regarding my case but I knew straight away Paul and his team were head and shoulders above everybody else in terms of their professionalism and advise. Paul states everything he can do for you in a clear and factually manner and will tell you exactly what he can and can’t do for you. I honestly can’t say enough about these guys, they have changed me life!

Five Stars

Posted by Niko French
October 3, 2018

Great Immigration Lawyer
This man fought so hard for a very long - 7 years - against the government and its prosecutors (yeah multiple ones so you can have an idea how complicated our case was) until my mom was granted a green card. My family’s case started back in 2011 and due to complications in our case along with us being in deportation process, this man took the case and worked it step by step until he removed deportation, and stood by us until we all got green cards in 2018. After we have lost hope due to the government being so aggressive against our case, and trying to find any excuse to send all of us back home.. Paul Haar was the right man for the job. He never gave up, and he was aware of every step he was taking to make improvement in our case, untill the government and its prosecutors gave up, and we won the case.

This guy showed up to all court days and interviews with us in person in time, and he prepared us prior to these meetings in his office since he has so much experience in this field. His experience and knowledge makes a big difference in the outcome since he knows what he’s doing. To Summaries this, this man is there to help you with very complicated immigration cases that other immigration lawyers would refuse to accept( they tell you no way you would win this like they told my mom back in 2011). But nothing is too small or too big of a job for Paul.

Five Stars

Posted by Sam
September 20, 2018

Best lawyer in DC
We have been struggling with really complicated case regarding our Greencard proceeding. We have visited many lawyers in the city and we have decided to work with Mr. Haar. Every lawyer that we have visited gave us a false statement and took our time and money at the same time. Since the Paul took our case, our family and I felt safe after a long time. He is the best in tough cases and he can make it happen. He is always on time, he does more than what he needs to do and answers all emails and phone calls from his clients. Which is perfect because most of the attorneys they don't follow up or brain storm like you do. I definitely recommend him if you are having really difficult case and need to make it happen.

Five Stars

Posted by Reza
July 26, 2018

Best Immigration Attorney
I had the pleasure of working with Paul Haar, He is extremely Professional, Excellent, knowledgeable, Expert and most Importantly very kind and humble person. Always available to make sure he answer all my question whether I call him or email him any time of the day, he really deserved 5 star. I highly recommend Paul to anyone looking to work through the immigration system.

Five Stars

Posted by Max M
July 8, 2018

Best Immigration Attorney!!!
Paul Haar is an absolutely brilliant immigration attorney! He is simply fantastic! At this time I can't find the right words to express my appreciation for his legal knowledge, dedication, and attention to details.

He and his staff (Sarah Yeomans particular) are very knowledgeable and professional. I have referred several of my clients to him, and the feedback has been nothing short of excellent.

Thank you, Mr. Haar, for believing in my case, thank you for the hard work to make it strong and clear as much as possible. Thank you for not paying too much attention for the "orthodox rules and regulations" of the conventional immigration process, because every case is different and therefore needs a different path.

Thank you for fighting for my family and I, from the bottom of my heart.

Also, a special thank you for Sarah, for being a great listener and then a tough fighter, to deliver justice and serves me in the best possible way.

Thank you,

Five Stars

Posted by Ennis
May 29, 2018

knowledgable, responsive, compassionate & get's it done
I don't usually post reviews, but Paul definitely deserves a 5-star. Since the very beginning of my citizenship journey (started in 2005 with OPT, followed by three H1-B visas, then U.S. Permanent Residence Card and finally my U.S. Citizenship), Paul is extremely helpful, knowledgeable of the law, compassionate, determined and responsive (he truly is available 24/7 to answer any questions I had over the years). In addition to being a great lawyer professionally, he is an incredible person with a big heart and strong passion for helping people. Due to the success of my case, Paul is my lawyer of choice for all immigration related issues.

Five Stars

Posted by Mariana
May 19, 2018

Paul and Sarah are amazing, after being waiting about 3 years To solve an immigration situation with another lawyer, they did it in less than 6 month. Paul’s knows what to do and how to do it. He always gets back to you when you have an inquiry or doubt thank you.

Five Stars

Posted by Orlando
May 18, 2018

An excelent lawyer
He help me with my immigration situation, he was able to explain everything to me step by step. His an excellent lawyers that's all I can say.

Five Stars

Posted by anonymous
May 3, 2018

The man to go to.
I lost faith in getting my legal status in the us. My boss referred me to Mr.Paul and told me that’s the man for the job. When I went for a consultation, I sat with Sara -an attorney as well- her and Paul work together. She was very nice and very attentive. They reviewed my case carefully her and Paul and told me everything I needed to bring or do in order to have a strong case. They are by far the best 2 lawyers I have ever met. Mr Paul is a very humble man, down to earth and gets the job done. If you ever need legal advice on an immigration matter, he’s the man to go to without a doubt!

Five Stars

Posted by Majda
April 19, 2017

My immigration Guru!
Mr. Haar was recommended to me by so many people who swear by him. I decided to hire Mr. Haar by the end of 2014 to solve once and for all my long-standing situation. Mr. Haar handed me the solution on a silver platter and for that I will be grateful my whole life; he was the kindest, the most thoughtful, the most caring.

This lawyer knows every rope of the immigration business, he is professional, precise and persevering in his job, he works tirelessly and never gives up.
I am deeply indebted to Mr. Haar and his outstanding team for all their help.

Thank you so much my Immigration Guru!

Five Stars

Posted by Jessica Gavelan
March 12, 2017

Excellent, professional
I hired Mr. Paul Haar in a difficult Inmigration case. He was hired at the last minutes, keep in my case was already in trial for 18 months with a different lawyer, and Mr. Haar did in less than a month what my previous lawyer couldn't do in 18 months. He went straight to the point. Thanks to him my family is together. I would def recommend Mr Haar with any Inmigration case even if any lawyer tells you, they can't do it, he will. Nothing is impossible for this man.

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